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Halloween Freebie

I hope it's not too late for some Halloween freebie.

Download Here

Summer into Fall using Painted Autumn Photoshop Actions

 How to turn your Summer pictures into beautiful, painted Autumn scenes in seconds with the newest Painted Autumn PS Actions for Photographers.

Beige and Sepia Watercolor Brush Strokes and Smudges. Freebie.


New freebie, hope you will enjoy this little watercolor strokes and smudges pack. You can use them to create wall art, stationery, photo cards, or invitations. These are great for any digital scrapbooking project or planner.

How to Apply Sky Overlays with Photoshop Sky Replacement tool.

Wonder how to apply Sky Overlay to your photos? 

 There is a new fantastic tool in Photoshop CC that helps you do it in a few clicks. 

How to Apply Fine Art Textures to Your Studio Portraits.

What is a texture?

The texture is a flat image, usually. JPG that you can add/overlay to your photo with any software or app supporting layers and blending modes - PS CC, PSE, Gimp or Procreate app.

How to apply texture overlay the right way to achieve a fine art look?