Violinist Free Photoshop Tutorial

This Free Tutorial has been made with Adobe CC but will work with Adobe CS3+ version as well.

SOOC image RAW, Canon 6D, Sigma 50mm Art Lens 1/400s, f/2.5

1.Our base with editing any picture is as always a Clean Edit & Quick Retouching. I'm not running any Artistic Actions here.

2. After the quick clean edit, I blended cloudy Sky Overlay from English Sky Overlays vol.4 pack.
You can find Free Sky Overlay Tutorial here.

3. I used Dodge/Burn tool to correct shadows and highlights and add some extra drama. The brown grass here looked very flat so this tool fixed it very quickly.

4. I added few Overlays from Flying Dreams II Photo Overlays pack. Each of them has been saved on a transparent background as PNG file so I simply drag and drop two overlays over a photo and mask off some part of them (over the face of the model). I used also Blur tool and Motion Blur on some parts of these overlays. To correct the shadows and I used Burn Tool once again.

5. Few Music notes brushes have been added. You can download these brushes Here
 You can learn more about PS Brushes Here

6. To give this photo more moody/matte look I played Free Matte Effect PS Action.
I reduced noise at the end ( Noise Reduction action from Annabella PS Action Pack).

Having trouble with your editing? Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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