Free Summer Digital Background for Photographers

In today's post, I'm sharing beautiful Summer digital background with you all.

If you are not familiar with digital backgrounds, not sure how to manipulate your photo with them, here is a quick, 4 steps Photoshop Tutorial.

But there are many ways of extracting a subject from the photo, some are more effective than others. A few months ago Adobe revealed a new fantastic tool 'Select Subject' which let you select the subject in an image with one click. You can read and learn more about this powerful way of extracting on Adobe website here.

I used Select Subject tool to extract this cute little baby boy from the photo. After that, I used 'copy and paste' shortcuts and 'placed the boy' into the background layer added a little bit of shadow and my photo manipulation was ready.

* Child Photography courtesy of Iga Logan Photography

You can download this freebie here.

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