Free Pastel Spring Painted Photo Overlays.

A few days ago I shared a few tips about how to achieve a beautiful pastel Spring effect in Photoshop by using painted photo overlays, and today a free product sampler, so you can try new overlays before purchase and start creating now.
Why overlays? Mainly because they are very easy to use and I'm able to mix a few effects to get something really unique. I'm also a big fan of the painted look, love the softness and artistic blur feel,  and all these can be easily achieved with photo overlays.

You can learn more about Pastel Spring Painted Photo Overlays here and check many beautiful before/after images.

Download Here

If you are not sure where to start with Photo Overlays this Free Guides should be helpful.

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Few before & after images created with overlays from our Painted Overlays Collection.
Each overlay has been digitally painted, there are many layers of colors, some elements created either with real petals, flowers or leaves or painted in Photoshop. We had this idea of creating very easy to use tools that would help to achieve rather complicated, painted effects. We created them pixel by pixel so you can create this unique, artistic look. Each painted overlay pack from this collection is a mix of realistic elements, soft, delicate borders or color tonal overlays.
You can be really creative with them and like an artist painting on the canvas you can paint new, beautiful effects using Photoshop. There are Sunflowers, painted meadows, leaves, branches, and many beautiful flowers.