How to Make Torn Paper Effect in Photoshop


I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a torn paper effect everywhere - on book covers, marketing ads, Instagram stories, and galleries. I knew that I can create this effect in Photoshop from scratch but what about the REAL torn paper or photos, with the authentic texture and random edges. I needed something realistic, which I will be able to use on many different projects and in high quality

How to Make a Torn paper effect in Photoshop with Photo Overlays?

These are drag & drop overlays, so you can apply this effect to any photo by following this rule. You should remember only about changing the mode of the overlay layer from Normal to Screen. each overlay has been saved as a JPG image on a black background, so to hide it, you just need to use Screen mode, easy! There are 30 overlays in this pack, so you can mix a few of them if you are looking for a really unique effect. 


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