Free Golden Hour PS Tutorial for Photographers

Free Post Processing Photoshop Tutorial Annabella PS Actions Golden Hour Collection.This Tutorial has been made with Adobe CC but it will work with Adobe CS3 + versions.

My base is a Clean Edit & Quick Retouching, I'm not running any Artistic Actions until I get a good Clean edit.

All Annabella PS Actions are stackable and they won't merge your image, so after running the action you can tweak it (change opacity of the layer/layers).

Clean Edit (basic editing) from Annabella Workflow PS Actions

1. Midtones Up 41%
2. Simply Color 59%

Some basic retouching has been made as well {Spot Healing Brush}
I also fixed the sun flair by using the Clone Stamp Tool and run Soft Blur action in this area.

Artistic Edit Golden Hour PS Actions

1. Golden Hour 27%
2. Nighty Night Vignette 64%

I resize & sharpen for the web.

Do you like golden hour tones?

few more peeks into Golden Hour Collection


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