How to Use Color & Light Photo Overlays Free Photoshop Tutorial

Color & Light Photo Overlays are perfect tools to enhance your pics, and they are super easy to use.
Each overlay will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP) .

This tutorial has been made with Photoshop CC but it will work with any editing program I mentioned early.


1. Two Light & Color Photo Overlays has been added over pic layer. Clean edit has been done before it, so please remember to take care of basic editing first.

Light & Colors Photo overlays (12)  + Light Leak Photo Overlays (5)

2. Layer Mask has been added to each Photo Overlay layer.
3. Use Soft Brush tool with opacity 50% or lower to paint away these parts of overlay you don't need.
Keep skin tones fresh and natural and as always with Photo Overlays - less is more !

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